The Future of Euro Currency - My Impressions and Suggestions

Euro Currency was adopted in 2002 as a way to combine with the European Nations and offer a common economic platform for many EU countries. The politicians were of the opinion that a frequent currency would deliver long lasting peace and stability in the area.

Unified money was considered the essential instrument for handling financial issues of this area but in reality, the Euro was unable to decrease risk and perhaps acted as a barrier in the way of tangible actions need at the times of fiscal crisis. The fiscal crisis EU has gone revealed the euro's flaws and debts concealed during a decade of prosperity. For today the crisis has seen to settle somehow however, the situation still remains unclear and nobody can accurately predict what is going to happen next.

The people of this Europe desired better economic conditions so originally 28 countries joined at a treaty of both free trade zone. The unified currency was being considered today as they believed a unified currency is going to not have any inflation. What's more, it is going to develop a direct impact on the World Economy. The ethnic and national differences were still there one of the countries which became obvious through the crisis.

The biggest danger to the future of the Euro is that the political unrest in the area. It was a political will that generated the Euro and it's the political mess that is endangering its existence. Many countries are looking to walk away in the single currency that is producing its existence look ambiguous. Not just the countries are threatening to walk from it; the more dangerous situation is that the blocks in EU that are currently looking for their particular unified money. This situation in the area has meant the future of Euro exceptionally depends on the steps these countries. Although the efforts are being made to prevent any such situation however, the outcomes of these efforts are still far attained.

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