Only one silver mosaic can be waterproof and not color fade

Jinyuan mosaic focus on SILVER MOSAIC TILE already 20 years,we are the real silver mosaic expert and have a number of national patent technology also through the German SGS test.

Jinyuan SILVER MOSAICS is alkali resistant,waterproof,does not fade.Life can last 100 years.

Our silver mosaic tile varieties according to the relative the position of silver and glass can be into the surface silver mosaic,laminated silver mosaic and bottom silver mosaic.According to the different texture divided into smooth silver mosaic,wavy silver mosaic.According to the different shapes, divided into square silver mosaic,Stripe silver mosaic,hexagonal silver mosaic and http://others.It is divided into type of silver foil,it can be 24K silver mosaic,high SILVER GLASS MOSAIC TILE,cold spray silver mosaic and so on.

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