Humility - True Worship

Out of the other acts of worship the best among them is humility. Basically it is the rejection of arrogance and true worship of Allah. This attribute is when adopted by people they dig into the truth of life. And to know the truth means you are rejecting all those attributes of devil. He was arrogant and proud that’s why he refused to accept the command of Allah. Modesty is the most precious to have in your behavior because when you are modest then every deed you do is for the sake of Allah. Today when every other person is in the quest to announce that he is the one to change the world, he knows everything and can never be wrong; there are few people who still follow the rules of modesty. Its keeps you away from your own evil side, yes everybody has their own side of evil which usually ruin your personality if dominant. Now it’s up to you that if you want to be ruled by your Nafs or want to be a free person. Select Umrah Packages 2017 UK and be thankful to Allah for this blessing.

Though human beings are servants of Allah but the belief you put on Allah makes you free. Islam has no boundaries of virtue, so keep doing it even if it is hurting because every pain comes with a lesson. If you are the one taking ladders of success day by day approaching to your goal then be grateful to Allah. We have many examples of arrogance, where people claimed that their product or they can never lost but one thing made by one human will surely be destroyed by another human being.

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