How To Get A Home Loan Request Approved With Bad Credit

With high speed internet access and easy online forms, it is now much easier to get an approval. A good online bad credit mortgage lender can assist you with the entire process online. These bad credit mortgage companies can help you shop and compare many different types of loans for your credit situation.

Sub-prime mortgage companies enable anyone to get an approved loan even if you already have a bankruptcy or foreclosure in your record. But it is important to be aware and be wary of predatory lenders. There have been cases where sub-prime lenders have taken advantage of high risk borrowers by charging them with fees that are too extreme and at times rates that are very unreasonable.

It is necessary that you make sure you apply with a valid and reputable lender. The following are sub prime mortgage companies that are recommended for your consideration:

Bad Credit Mortgage Company Options and Their Specialties

Ameriquest Financial

If you want mortgages, this company is highly specialized to cater to your mortgage needs. If in case you have poor credit, it is best if you consider applying here. The interest rates they have are quite reasonable plus they offer one hundred percent financing, this is in order to pay off your debt and receive your cash back. The best of this, in less than twenty four hours, you can get pre-qualified.

Savings Path - Bad Credit Mortgage Company Helps With Several Sub-prime Lenders

Savings Path ensures that they submit your application to a lot of sub-prime lenders. Based on one application, you may be able to receive up to four offers. Savings Path has become a more popular choice because they work in coordination with a lot of quality lenders to get your loan approved.

Beneficial HSBC Group

When considering a bad credit mortgage company, this company specializes in just that. They only offer home loans that are solely for refinance. However, they also offer personal loans for those borrowers with not so good credit. You can get all the information you need on bad credit loans, this is an established sub-prime lender.

Planet Loan

Planet loans is a bad credit mortgage company that has many lenders for bad credit situations. They can provide you with up to four mortgage offers and have an application process that is quick and very easy to understand.

Get Lower - The Bad Credit Mortgage Company Specialist

Get Lower has a lending division for those with bad credit. They have the ability to offer very low rates. If you have one application, you may be provided with up to four offers from various mortgage sources.


E-Loan also has a sub-prime lending division for bad credit. In just ten minutes, your application could just as easily be approved, even for programs that have a one hundred twenty five percent loan to value, you may in some cases get a zero down loan as well as interest only and income programs that are stated. What E-Loan does is that they pull your credit and provide you with a loan offer that is real, not just a simple pre-qualification. Though their application is a bit more detailed, spending time to read it is truly worth your time as it could ensure that you get a very solid offer with bad credit mortgage companies.

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