Effective Herbal Testosterone Boosters!

There are a number of pills, powders, hormones, and other prescription products available which will enhance male libido. However, most of these products come along with side effects...

These include...

  • Acne
  • Anxiety
  • Enlarged breasts
  • Aggression-Hostility
  • Testicular Atrophy
  • Irritability
  • Water Retention
  • Wild Mood Swings

Therefore, it's better to use natural, over the counter, herbal testosterone boosters instead. These products have been used by men world wide for centuries to increase sex drive.

Therefore, most of them are quite potent and free of all the negative side effects found in prescription drugs and medications.

Most of these supplements help by increasing male hormone levels, and by boosting blood circulation to the penis and testicles, which improves erectile function, and boosts sex drive.

Following is a list of a few of the herbal testosterone supplements I use, and recommend.

Herba Cistanche Extract!

The Herba Cistanche extract is derived from the Cistanche bark. Cistanche is well known for its sex boosting properties. It also enhances the energy levels of the body, improves erectile function, and increases sexual desire.

Tongkat Ali!

Tongkat ali's effects on testosterone are also backed by many scientific studies. Italian researchers tested the supplement on sexually sluggish and impotent rats. They found that the herb increased testosterone levels in only six days of treatment.

Another study, this time by Malaysian scientists, indicated that the herb had a powerful pro-androgenic effect in men.


Ashwagandha is another sex boosting herb. In addition to aiding the body in balancing hormone levels, it contains compounds called withanolides.

These substances have a testosterone-like effect in the male body. Ashwagandha not only helps your body make its own testosterone, but it balances all the other sexual hormones in the body. More info click here

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