8 Person Tents - 3 Different Types to Buy

If backpacking is the fashion of your life than you already know that the quality and simplicity is essential if it comes to your tent. Smaller tents are mild enough so that they may be carried for long distances and if you include additional food and equipment supplies than you may conclude that lightness is an essential characteristic. So that the tent you're looking for is probably a lightweight 8 person tent. Below are some standards for that sort of tents from DotBestProducts.

1. Floors less tent
Floors fewer tents characteristic is that there is no ground, and the result of this is less weight. To be precise, the total weight of this class is 8 lbs. This sheet is also quite mild so that it can´t get milder than this. Floors less 8 people tent could be single-walled and double-walled.

2. Single wall person tent
For this type of shelter maximum weight is 3 lbs, and the minimal weight goes to 18-19 ounces. Because they may be so mild, it makes them a fantastic choice for backpacking. They're so light because they're made from fragile materials. This makes them weak, so be cautious with these tents.

3. Dual wall person tent
The manufacturer is saving weight using light fabric, light poles, so the lightest 8 person tent could be approximately two pounds. These tents are tiny, but you'll be surprised how very big person match inside. There may also be a problem with condensation, but nothing which could be mended with high quality.

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